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NuNature Made by Nature Perfected by Us

We bring you best quality of Medjool Dates Superfood collection to sweeten your day

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NuNature Made by Nature Perfected by Us

We bring you best quality of Medjool Dates Superfood collection to sweeten your day

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Medjool Dates

NuNature Made by Nature Perfected by Us

We bring you best quality of Medjool Dates Superfood collection to sweeten your day

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Date Syrups

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Meet our family

The owner, Guy, grew up as a child in the orchards of the Date Palms in Israel. With his dad, Sammy, being a pioneer in the Dates industry, Date Syrup was a pantry-staple in his childhood home. Coming to the USA almost 10 years ago, he was surprised that Date Syrup wasn’t something he could find on the shelves. Understanding the great demand for the product around the world and the shifting into healthier food and lifestyle and with his entrepreneurial spirit- he has decided to bring that revolutionary sweetener to the USA, and to contribute to creating a healthier diet which is accessible to all.

Order online for fresh dates, medjool dates. Explore gluten free dates and vegan dates. Medjool dates are a variety of dates enjoyed for their natural sweetness. Medjool dates are a Fresh Fruit. Vegan Dates are high in fiber and essential nutrients. Buy online gluten free dates, vegan dates, medjool.



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Dates are full of antioxidants and flavonoids

Dates are High in vitamins and minerals potassium, magnesium and contains iron, calcium and B Vitamins

Dates are a great source for sustainable energy

Dates are rich in fibers

Dates have a low glycemic index

No Preservatives

Or Additives

No Food Coloring

All Natural Ingredients

No Artificial Ingredients

Only 100% Medjool Dates.Nothing Added.

Paleo Friendly

As a Healthy Alternative to Sugar


Plant Based Super Food

Gluten Free

Naturally Gluten Free Ingredients

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Customer Reviews

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Healthy, delicious product!

has purchased a date spreads and syrups

NuNature's date spreads and syrups are very, very good. I was a first-time buyer and did not know about date spreads or syrups. Upon arrival of the chocolate date spread, we found it delicious. Regular date spread and syrup came later and were wonderful as well. We deal with Type 2 diabetes here, so this is a most healthy alternative sweetener all on its own; no sugars of any kind added. We really like it spread on lefse, alone or with a bit of coconut oil and then rolled up and heated in the microwave. Yum! It certainly would be great as substitute sweetener for baked goods; the syrup would be great on pancakes. Also, the NuNature family packages their products securely and they arrived perfect and very quickly. I will certainly be ordering from them again.

Chuckie Haeg

100% mashed Medjool dates. What's not to love?

has purchased a Medjool dates

This is a great replacement for the sugar-heavy jams and jellies crowding supermarket shelves. That natural date sweetness works beautifully with cream cheese and butter (or just by itself) on toast or crackers. Also tastes great stirred into warm oatmeal or Cream of Wheat. Even if you've never tried dates before, the flavor, texture, and versatility of this spread will win you over.

Silver Dollar


has purchased a date spread

After a long time of searching and looking for the best taste, healthy and nature date spread my wife heard about this product from a friend and ordered one to try, I must say I was a little skeptic after trying so many and finally I found the one I was looking for, on my cheat day my wife made me some date spread cake and it’s just was amazing!!!!! Even just a quick mill before training apply it on some rise cake and it is taste and full grate!! Thank you Nature for an amazing product, you guys definitely earn a new costumer :)))

Asaf Barak

Super smooth and delicious

has purchased a chocolate spread

Given how fibrous dates can be, I didn't expect this to be very smooth or easy to spread. It is incredibly smooth and rich in texture. It has a texture which isn't dissimilar from peanut butter (without the fatty feeling in the mouth). The flavor is strong because it's mainly just dates and it doesn't take much to convey the flavor. I liked this on buttered toast, but also as part of pastries instead of using chocolate spread or chocolate chips. I also liked it as a less fatty/sugar filling in cinnamon-roll-style pastries. I liked the ingredients list being so simple and the fact that this has about half the calories of most types of fruit-based jam. There really weren't any down sides to this except that a slight bitter finish, but that isn't a product flaw. It's just something about the way concentrated date flavor can be sometimes (even with normal dates).

S.E. Poza

If you like dates you will like this

has purchased a Natural Dates Spread

The headline says almost all of it. This is made of one thing, dates. If you like the flavor you will like it. If you don't, you won't. That said, there are some features which put this above other date spreads I've had, which make it stand out. The first is consistency. I'm not sure exactly what they did, but this has just the right thickness. It's not soupy. It's not overly sticky. It comes out of the jar and spreads thinly and evenly which is not as common as one would hope. Flavor is also superior. Dates have a lot of sugar. The Nunature product is no exception, but it isn't cloyingly sweet. The date taste comes through, and it's clear they didn't use the spread to use up overripe or otherwise inferior fruit. This is a premium product with a premium price, but it's completely fair for the quality you receive

A. Nuran



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