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Our Mission

The founder and CEO of the company, Guy, grew up as a child in the orchards of the Date Palms in the Middle East. With his father being one of the first entrepreneurs in the Dates industry, Date Syrup was a pantry-staple in his childhood home. Coming to the USA almost 10 years ago, he was surprised that Date Syrup wasn’t something he could find on the shelves. Understanding the great demand for the product around the world and the shifting into healthier food and lifestyle and with his entrepreneurial spirit- he has decided to bring that revolutionary sweetener to the USA, and to contribute to creating a healthier diet which is accessible to all.

Are dates good for you ? Yes. Grab Healthier Diet. Date Palm, Highest quality of date products you can find in the marketplace. Made from 100% Medjool dates. Order online for Date Syrups, Spreads. Explore more at our website. The date palm has a lot of medicinal uses which includes cold, fever, cystitis, edema, thore throat, bronchial catarrh, liver cancer.

Leading Team

Our leading team, which is composed by individuals with background in health coaching and holistic nutritionists, is committed to contribute to community educational sessions about healthy food and lifestyle. That includes voluntary earlyeducation programs at schools and local charities where we focus on teaching cutting refined sugar intake and consumption of healthier alternatives.

Our story

With 30 years of experience that runs in the family, our company proudly presents you with the highest quality of Date products you can find in the marketplace, made from 100% Medjool Dates. We pride ourselves not only in the revolutionary products we have, but also in their manufacturing process. As we carry years of experience in the healthy food industry, we’ve developed unique processing methods that keep the highest level of nutrients and health benefits of the Medjool Dates, while maintaining the color, taste and aroma of the fruit.

Giving Back to the Community

Giving back to the community is so important. We believe in helping enrich less fortunate communities as a great way to both broaden our perceptions of the world, and to enhance the world we live in.

We decided to reach out to less fortunate communities, and allow them to enjoy our products for free. It not only feels good for them, but it also gives us a unique sense of purpose that cannot be bought.

We only hope that by lending a helping hand we can help lead a force for change in the social and economic culture gap. Even this small contribution can bring on a bigger one, with a pay-it-forward mentality that can in turn change the world around us.

The ultimate goal is to fix-up the community as much as we can to make it a better and more comfortable place to be. And also help in making healthy and nutritious foods accessible to all.

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