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Our 100% Medjool Date Products are also available in bulk sizes for all your Food Service needs.

We proudly offer our superfood product line in bulk configuration. Working closely with our industrial and food service partners, we know the importance of best quality ingredients.
Our Date Syrup and Crushed Dates are made of 100% sustainably grown, Non-GMO Medjool dates and are free from additives or preservatives.

Medjool date calories , Most of the calories in dates come from carbs. Dates calories, Nutritional information for one average-sized Deglet Noor date: calories: 20. total fat: 0.03 grams (g), Medjool date has numerous proven health benefits and weight loss is one of those.

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Our standard sizes are 1 gallon Date syrup and 1.1lb Crushed Dates- cutom sizing are avilablie in pre-order.


We are a family-owned company that proud to be known as a pioneer in the Date Syrup industry around the world! Our highest quality Date Syrup is made from 100% Medjool Dates, which are steamed and extracted in a unique method, that maintains its taste and nutrients. It is preservative-free, shelf - stable and is a great and healthier alternative to any sweetener. It also has less calories and sugar than agave, maple and honey.


Natural Date Spread
Our 100% Natural Date Spread has only one ingredient- Medjool Dates! Loaded with nutrients, flavor and naturally sweetened- it’s the best companion to your bread and it’s great for baking, too.
Coco date
We have put a lot of time and effort to develop this heavenly delicious, yet healthy, natural and nutritious spread made from Medjool Dates and Cacao. It is just like the classic chocolate spread, without the fats and the added sugar.


Our sustainably grown Medjool Dates are simply pitted, then crushed into dense texture, no additives or preservatives. This great product makes it a perfect base for energy bars, bliss-balls, raw brownies or any healthy snacks or desserts you can think of!

No Preservatives

Or Additives

No Food Coloring

All Natural Ingredients

No Artificial Ingredients

Only 100% Medjool Dates.Nothing Added.

Paleo Friendly

As a Healthy Alternative to Sugar


Plant Based Super Food

Gluten Free

Naturally Gluten Free Ingredients

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